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Duracopy Permanent Waterproof Paper Film A3 Ream of 100

Duracopy Permanent Waterproof Paper Film A3 Ream of 100

Impact #: PAP4000

Meter A4 Waterproof Paper (Tear resistant-Opaque White Film) Box 100 sheets.

Meter A4 Waterproof Paper looks and feels like paper but thats where the similarities end. A4 Waterproof Paper is a white coated polyester film that wont bend, bubble or curl and will go through most laser printers and copiers. The products is tear proof, water proof, grease and dirt proof and wont yellow with age. Print in Black and White or full colour photographic images. Waterproof Paper is available in A4, A3 and A5 size-and is great for

  • Industrial Training manuals in wet or dirty environments or archival.
  • Mining and workplace applications.
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Primary Industries-Timber labelling/Horticulture etc.
  • Long Term Signage,maps,price lists.
  • Waterproof Paper-all applications.

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