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Customer Helpline
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Our online ordering system is state-of-the-art, and tailored to your business. All our staff are able to create the best online ordering solution for your company.

If the thought of using the best technology and still receiving the best level of personalised customer service available meets your requirements, then Impact Office Supplies is the answer for you. Our online ordering site is very user-friendly.

By combining commitment from our staff members, with leading technology we have total control of your order, from receipt to delivery. And that’s why we can guarantee great service… every time.

We take special notice of our customers

With Impact, you’ll never have to make the same request over and over about your business requirements.

Our computer system can store "Special Customer Notes" for all of our customers, which allow extra details to be recorded and displayed to staff. Once your customer code is entered into our system for a sales order, a note will appear displaying your particular instruction or request. This instruction also appears on the picking slip, which allows our warehouse team to double-check all details.

Whether it’s a specific detail about delivery site, or a particular preference for brand of product, we can make sure your request is identified and taken care of. It’s simple!

We keep a sales product history

If you want to order the same product that you used 2 months ago, but can’t remember the details, there’s no need to worry.

We can search all of your previous purchases, to tell you exactly what your purchases have been. A full 12 month history is kept on our system, including details on all non-stocked products. Every detail can be accessed, from the original supplier and cost price, to the original quantity purchased.

We can specify product codes

If you need to refer to your own, internal "Product Codes", we can display both our code and yours on all invoices. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? This makes goods inwards easier when you receipt your order, and removes time-wasting cross checking.

We know where back orders are

Although we try to avoid back orders whenever possible, when they are necessary we can determine exactly where they are. A click of a button will tell us what you have on back order and its estimated time of arrival within our warehouse.

We monitor all back orders closely, and will immediately update you of any unusual delay.

We’ll also help you with central billing

Our central billing facility enables us to produce one simple statement per company, even if your company has a number of cost centres. This means only one payment needs to be reconciled. It also means that any specially negotiated contract prices need only be entered under the main, Head Office account, whilst allowing instant pricing benefits to each cost centre.

Inventory control. All the bells & whistles

We operate an inventory control system second to none. It not only takes note of how much inventory we have and when to re-order, but also records the bin location within our warehouse, a product sales history and current market trends.

It’s also fully automated, which means as soon as a product drops below the predetermined minium stock level, it will automatically appear on a purchase order the next day, for the stock to be replenished before it actually runs out.

This helps us consistently provide a very high fill rate… which means we’re happy, and our customers are happy.

Our customer coding makes things easy

We generate an alpha code for all our customers, negating any confusion that may arise from similar sounding business names. For simplicity, your telephone number can also be used to access your account.

We’re ready to help.

Our Help Desk is staffed by Senior Customer Service Representatives, who have the experience and knowledge to help you with any enquiry you may have.

You can call us on 07 3865 8722 or 1300 658 763

Internet ordering

We’ve recently updated our online ordering to reflect the latest technology.

Contact us and we’ll organise a login and password for your company, and give you a demonstration to illustrate the unique features of our site.

Vendor site refill

This service is very popular with larger companies- it takes all the effort out of ordering, and allows you to focus on more important issues. Initially, we’ll assist you in selecting the products you wish to stock and the maximum stock levels. Then, once or twice a month, one of our staff members will call in and assess your stock, creating an order for anything that has fallen below the ideal stock level.

Basically, this service means that one of our staff will maintain your stationery cupboard for you!

Ordering choices

Fax and email orders if you prefer to fax or email your orders, we can customise an order form for your company based on your sales history. We’ll provide this in Excel format, which means if you need to make any further customisations, it’s easy.

Phone orders

When you phone Impact, your call will go directly through to our sales division, where it will be answered by a real, live sales person!

We believe in good, old fashioned service – you’ll never be answered by a recording asking you to wait on hold or to press various buttons.

Whoever answers your call can take your order – it’s that simple – all of our staff are experienced and knowledgeable. And, because your call is important to us, we aim to ensure we always employ enough staff to maintain a consistently high level of service.

Contact Us

You can call us on 1300 658 763. Alternatively, you can email us here.