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We can provide you with a wide range of reports, in hard copy or electronic format. Standard reports include:

  • Back Order Reports; stating exactly what is on back order, and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Product Usage Reports; listing the products purchased by the client over any given period of time.
  • 12 Month Sales Report; stating the total sales/purchases for the client over a 12 month time frame.
  • Top Products By Volume Report; listing a specified amount of products by the highest to lowest usage.
  • Top Products By Cost Report; listing a specified amount of products by the highest to lowest dollar value.

We can consolidate invoicing

If you’re sick of the ridiculous amount of invoices you have to process for payment each month, let us do our bit. We have the option within our system to produce one consolidated invoice only, per month, per cost centre. This involves supplying delivery dockets (either priced or unpriced) that have the option to be consolidated to the one invoice.

We’ll give you contract pricing

We’re always happy to negotiate special prices with our customers. ‘Contract Prices’ will be recorded within our computer system, and locked in for a designated period of time. Whenever the product you wish to order is accessed under your account, your special contract price will be automatically produced. One month prior to your contract expiring, we’ll generate an internal report to advise you of any pricing fluctuations that may have occurred.

We’ll also help you with central billing

Our central billing facility enables us to produce one simple statement per company, even if your company has a number of cost centres. This means only one payment needs to be reconciled. It also means that any specially negotiated contract prices need only be entered under the main, Head Office account, whilst allowing instant pricing benefits to each cost centre.

We’re ready to help

Our Help Desk is staffed by Senior Customer Service Representatives, who have the experience and knowledge to help you with just about any enquiry you might have.

Get started

We’ve recently updated our online presence, to reflect the latest technology. Contact us and we’ll organise a login and password for your company, and give you a demonstration to illustrate the unique features of our site.

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You can call us on 1300 658 763. Alternatively, you can email us here.