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Product Range

Our product range and fill rate is amazing.

Just like the other office supply companies, we advertise the full range of products. The big difference with Impact, however, is how we deliver.

It may surprise you to know that all office supply companies actually only stock key lines. All other items are placed on a back order, which generally takes a minimum of 5 working days for delivery. Just like our customers, we really don’t like back orders, and refuse to take it as a normal condition of supply.

To avoid the lengthy delays, which cost us all time and money, we’ve strategically positioned our business within a block of our major supplier. It’s amazingly quick and easy for us to do at least two daily pick ups for all of the incidental products that we don’t stock full time. This means we have an extremely high ‘fill rate’, with only one in twenty orders actually requiring any back order.

Hard to find items.

Our staff can identify an alternative product for you if the one you’re after is out of stock. They can pick up a mistake in your ordered quantity, or track down a hard-to-find item that you can’t remember the name of. No computer system can offer this.

Money back guarantee.

We stock quality products, and happily stand behind them.

If you’ve received a damaged or inferior product, simply contact us.

We’ll organise a hassle-free pickup and we’ll credit your account.