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We really do deliver.

At Impact Office Supplies, we utilise our own vans and drivers. Delivery is free of charge, and is generally provided the following day… if not sooner! Obviously if you need a super urgent order, we can utilise an express courier – all you need to do is ask!

Our drivers always do their best to ensure your order is delivered on time, and with a smile! Judging by the feedback we receive, we know they do an excellent job!

Because we have complete flexibility with our own delivery vans, we can collect urgent orders from our suppliers and deliver directly to you, whenever required. It couldn’t be simpler… or faster!

We can give you real service.

Many of our staff have worked together for more than ten years, which has enabled us to adopt systems and procedures that we know are effective. Our computer system has been customised and perfected over the past ten years specifically for this industry, and for our requirements.

Our efficient and user-friendly system allows fast and effective tracking of orders and sales histories, as well as accurate inventory control. We believe in keeping things simple.

Returns and discrepancies.

There’s a box of stock sitting in your reception, and it’s been there for a week or more. The delivery driver has refused to take it, because they don’t have the correct paper work to authorise the pick up. Sound familiar? If you’ve dealt with other office supply companies in the past, this is no surprise.

This doesn’t happen with Impact.

When you have a credit, we’ll immediately generate a computerised ‘Pick Up Slip’. This provides all the relevant data to ensure the correct product is collected from the correct location, and ultimately credited to the correct invoice and correct account. Once the Pick Up Slip is generated, our delivery drivers can usually collect the goods the following day and return them to our warehouse. Once the goods have been checked by us the following morning, we’ll fax you a credit.

It’s that easy, and that quick.

We communicate.

We think the best way to maintain our high level of service is to talk to you.

We hold regular Review Meetings with all of our clients, to discuss feedback, rectify any issues that may have arisen, and ensure there’s an open line of communication between all parties.

We’re ready to help.

Our Help Desk is staffed by Senior Customer Service Representatives, who have the experience and knowledge to help you with just about any enquiry you might have.

You can call us on 07 3865 8722 or 1300 658 763.

Contract pricing.

We’re always happy to negotiate special prices with our customers. ‘Contract Prices’ will be recorded within our computer system, and locked in for a designated period of time. Whenever the product you wish to order is accessed under your account, your special contract price will be automatically produced.

One month prior to your contract expiring, we’ll generate an internal report to advise you of any pricing fluctuations that may have occurred.

Big news! We're excited to announce ordering is now open to the public.