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A solution designed for you

At Impact, we take the time to understand your business requirements, and tailor our solution to meet them.

We can offer guidance and recommendations about which products will best suit your business, your budget and your specific needs. Because our staff are all dedicated, long-term employees, it’s more than likely that you’ll deal with them regularly, and form a great relationship with one of them.

You’ll have one consistent staff member (or ‘Personal Account Manager’) who knows your business inside out, and understands your needs – someone you can trust to determine which products are best for you, and to give you advice that’s relevant.

Systems that work.

Many of our staff have worked together for the better part of ten years, which has enabled us to adopt systems and procedures that we know work well.

Our computer system has been customised and perfected over the past ten years specifically for this industry, and for our requirements.

Our efficient and user-friendly system allows fast and effective tracking of orders and sales histories, as well as accurate inventory control.

To maintain our consistently high level of quality service, we always utilise our own vans and drivers. This means that we have total control of your order, from receipt to delivery. And that’s why we can guarantee great service… every time.