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Impact Story

Impact Office Supplies was started by Mr Jeff Ross with two goals in mind. He wanted to create a company that was passionate about its customer service and to create an enjoyable and fun place to come to work. The results of this vision have been staggering, not only has a company been created that is passionate about what we do, we have fun doing it, and it is a formula that obviously works.

Impact Office Supplies was originally positioned in the niche market of the small to medium business- this was the marketplace that was being overcharged and under serviced as a result of the large corporate stationers selling their product into the large business sector at very low margins.

This created the need for those same suppliers to attempt to make margin from the unsuspecting small to medium marketplace. Impact Office Supplies has and always will believe that every company deserves the very best that we can give, in service and in price.

Having developed successful systems and processes through our continuous improvement program and with the success of our efforts within the small to medium marketplace it has given us the confidence to build into the large corporate sector.

As a result of needing to offer a national solution to many of our clients we have aligned our business with the ASA Group; a national buying group with members in each state and leading regional areas. This provides Impact Office Supplies with the ability to offer our successful strategies on a national basis.

It is pleasing to see that even in the large corporate sector that the emphasis on customer service with fair pricing both on and off contract is being very well received- many large businesses are now benefiting from a partnership with Impact Office Supplies.

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Our staff (who are amazing) have all experienced life within one or several of the large corporate stationers and realise how important customer service is to you.

Our well documented approach to conducting business has seen that our staff stay with us for a very long time.

This is a fact that we know is extremely important to our clients as they can build a relationship with someone who they can rely on and know that they will be there when they need them.